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Troll Mode

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Yes, I know it says "Mode" and not "MOD" ;)

Extension Name: Troll Mode
Author: Kailey

Extension Description: Allows administrators to mark users as trolls.
Extension Version: 1.0.0-dev

Requirements: PHP 7.4.0 and phpBB 3.3.1 due to needed events.

Features: Actions performed on troll users may include, but are not limited to -
  • Delay between 5 and 30 seconds
  • 50% of the time one of the following:
    • Blank page
    • Wait between 1 and 60 seconds
    • "Board unavailable" message
    • 403 forbidden http error
    • 404 file not found http error
    • Logout
    • Redirect to board index
GitHub Repository: https://github.com/kaileymsnay/trollmode
Extension Download: https://github.com/kaileymsnay/trollmode/releases
Issue Tracker: https://github.com/kaileymsnay/trollmode/issues

The logo is taken from an image by John Bauer.

Inspired by igorw and his Troll MOD for phpBB 3.0. I was able to find a backup of the code from that MOD and am currently working to convert it to an extension.